Hydro-BID Case Study No. 2: Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Flows of the Rio Piura Using Hydro-BID

Oct 2014
This is the second case study of the "Hydro-BID Applications" series and demonstrates the capabilities of the water resources modeling tool “Hydro-BID”, used to prepare a hydrologic model of the Rio Piura basin and project stream flows in the basin for the period 2011–2060, under a limited set of climate change scenarios. The project delivered the projected stream flow data to ANA (Peru’s National Water Authority) in a format that can be directly incorporated as input data for its Rio Piura basin WEAP model. ANA is using the data on projected stream flows as inputs to its WEAP model, and to assess the potential impact of climate change on the allocation of available water resources among users and uses in the Rio Piura basin. This work served as a case study to demonstrate the use of Hydro-BID to enhance planning for integrated water resource management.