How Do Disruptive Innovators Prepare Today's Students to Be Tomorrow's Workforce?: Global Alumni's E-Learning Revolution

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Rivas, Pablo
Sep 2020
Technology has comprehensively transformed societies. We work, interact, buy, and travel differently from what we did in the past decade. The speed with which changes will continue to alter our reality will only increase, so it is necessary if we want professionals trained for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a solid business fabric that those of us in education face the current and future challenges head-on.

The education sector has remained unchanged for centuries, with timid (and above all, low-quality) advances after the Internets irruption into our lives. Global Alumni, the first Euro-American EdTech, works with the best universities in the world (such as MIT Professional Education, University of Chicago, and ESADE, among others) to jointly develop online education programs adapted to the demands of today's job market.

We have designed new educational methodologies that place students at the center of the equation and guarantee an education of the highest quality and at the level expected of the labor market marked by globalization. While the challenge facing the education sector is enormous, the opportunities that technology offers are endless.