How Do Disruptive Innovators Prepare Todays Students to be Tomorrows Workforce?: Agile Learning Model

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Vélez, Diego;
Rocha, Gabriela;
Sant’Anna, Izabella;
Acher, Regina;
García, Macarena;
Hoyl, Matías;
Prieto, Rodulfo
Nov 2023
In the dynamic landscape of modern education, addressing the diverse needs of students while preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century is a paramount task. Laboratoria, a pioneering social impact organization, has crafted an innovative learning model grounded in agile principles to empower women in Latin America with the skills required for success in the tech industry. This paper offers an insightful exploration of “Laboratorias Agile Learning Framework,” unveiling its key components and the transformative impact it has on students.