Heat and High Water: Nine Pathways to Climate Resilient Development

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Dec 2023
Climate change has arrived, putting lives, ecosystems, and economies in jeopardy. "Heat and High Water" provides a much-needed primer on how countries can adapt to this harsh new reality. Written for a general audience in clear, non-technical language, the book examines climate threats and resilience strategies sector by sector, focusing on the specific challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean.
How can dense population centers use wetlands and parks, as well as other elements of urban planning, to protect against floods and landslides? What can be done to ensure the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people during heatwaves and epidemics? Are there innovations in renewable energy, food security, energy, transport, and fiscal and financial policy particularly suited to the new circumstances of the region and others likely to fail? The book engages these questions and many more with a deep analysis based on three core principles: the need for flexible solutions amid the uncertainty of climate change; the interdependence of sectors across social and economic life; and the need to reform governance to ensure coordinated, inclusive adaptation that emphasizes local communities and stakeholders.
By breaking down the complex topic of climate adaptation into digestible chapters, "Heat and High Water" offers tools for citizens, policymakers, and business leaders to build thriving, resilient societies amid climate disruptions while elucidating lessons valuable to a global audience.