Guidance for Assessing and Managing Biodiversity Impacts and Risks in Inter-American Development Bank Supported Operations

Atkinson, Rachel;
Canfield, Eloise;
Corrales, Denis;
Factor, Seth;
Hausman, Heidi;
Hawken, Iona;
Huppman, Reed;
Josse, Carmen;
Radford, Greg;
Rees, Colin;
Rice, Dick;
Nov 2015
The purpose of this document is to provide clients-borrowers, project sponsors, and executing agencies-of the Inter-American Development Bank with guidance, in accord with Bank safeguard policies, to address the impacts of projects and programs on biodiversity. This document is a work in progress based on the safeguard policies of the Bank and best practices in the assessment and management of the impacts of development on biodiversity; it is a dynamic document that will be updated based on experiences in implementation.