Green jobs and skills in Latin America: A look at the LinkedIn data

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Sep 2022
LinkedIn has developed different concepts to analyze trends within the green job sector. The alliance between LinkedIn and the Inter-American Development Bank (through the Data Partnership) has made it possible to access key data on the use of this platform, reflecting the behavior of the labor market in key sectors in the region. With the information available, it is possible to monitor indicators calculated by LinkedIn from information on its users, with a focus on the green economy for Latin America and the Caribbean. The green hiring rate has seen rapid growth since 2020. However, such growth was less dynamic compared to the overall hiring rate for almost all countries. Environmental services stands out as the skill that had the greatest growth in the last five years for the countries with which disaggregated information is available. Agriculture is the industry with the highest penetration of green skills in the region. Furthermore, among the industries with high penetration of green skills, it is the only one that has shown a growth trend in this indicator, while the others have stagnated, or even reduced their level of penetration.