Governing to Deliver: Reinventing the Center of Government in Latin America and the Caribbean

Oct 2014
Center of Government institutions, which work directly with the Head of the Executive Branch at any level of government, are essential to provide direction and coherence to the government and to ensure the delivery of its priorities and results for citizens. This publication presents the knowledge produced by the IDB on this topic, and includes a novel conceptual framework on this subject, an analysis of the regional trends of Center of Government performance in the region, two case studies of recent innovations at the national (Chile) and subnational (Pernambuco, Brazil) levels, and policy recommendations based on these analyses and on some of the best international practices. The publication also presents a methodological tool (the Institutional Development Matrix) that allows decision makers to diagnose the actual performance of Center of Government functions in their countries, in order to tailor reform initiatives to their specific context and challenges.