Governance and Regulation of Ride-hailing Services in Emerging Markets: Challenges, Experiences and Implications

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Perez Jaramillo, Daniel;
Nieto, Mariajosé
Aug 2021
This paper seeks to shed some light on the different considerations for regulation and governance of ride-hailing platforms in emerging markets, highlighting their positive and negative externalities. Building on an extensive review of the literature and secondary sources, we outline Ride-hailing's identified and potential effects on users (providers and consumers), incumbents, and society. Based on the welfare impacts structure, we identify the significant challenges that regulators face in understanding, monitoring, evaluating, and regulating this type of transportation innovation. Finally, the paper proposes a framework for approaching such mobility innovations from governance and regulation perspectives. In a context of exponential growth in research and innovation in urban mobility in general and Ride-hailing, a rigorous review of the literature and a critical framework for understanding governance and regulation in such services in rapidly changing contexts is a timely contribution.