Global Microscope 2018: The Enabling Environment for Financial Inclusion

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Oct 2018
The 2018 Global Microscope provides a unique insight into the leading practices that governments and regulators are adopting to channel the digital revolution of financial services into greater levels of financial inclusion. It sets a model for an enabling environment for financial inclusion across five domains: 1. Government and Policy Support; 2. Stability and Integrity; 3. Products and Outlets; 4. Consumer Protection; and 5. Infrastructure. Developed through expert consultation, the five-part model framework represents the key elements that need to be developed in order to foster an enabling environment for financial inclusion. The study assesses the enabling environment in 55 countries against this model as a benchmark. The study includes key players such as banks, non-bank financial institutions, e-money issuers and cross-border payment providers. It also focuses on the role of inclusive insurance, financial agents, Fintech firms, and credit information providers. Download the free index in Excel: