Gender Diversity, Innovation, and Open Innovation in the Caribbean Region

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Castillo, Yury
Apr 2023
The Caribbean economies are well-ranked in terms of womens participation in the labor market, but less so in terms of innovation, suggesting the relevance of an analysis of gender diversitys impact on innovation. This paper examines how gender diversity in Caribbean firm affects the formation of external partnerships and agreements for innovation, and also how the effects of that diversity on innovative outcomes are influenced by the presence of women in diverse positions within a firm. Using information for 13 Caribbean countries from the Innovation, Firm Productivity and Gender (IFPG) database, this study confirms gender diversity as a factor which both improves the likelihood of innovation, as well as spurring the decision to collaborate with other firms and organizations. However, impacts will depend on the areas within a firm in which women are present. Gender diversity in the total workforce and in production and non-production activities is more effective than when women are present in areas solely related to management. These findings prompt a reflection on policy implications around the definition or improvement of measures oriented to the closing of innovation-related gender gaps.