Gender and Transport in Haiti: Gender Diagnostic and Gender Action Plan

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Feb 2021
Beaujon Marin, Amanda
This technical note encompasses Haiti's gender assessment, evaluates the success of gender specific actions implemented between 2011-2017, and presents a Gender and Transport Action Plan (GAP). The GAPs main aim is to guide investments in Haiti's transport sector in conceptualizing and designing gender-sensitive transport projects. By proposing specific gender actions and outcomes, the GAP establishes a clear path to integrate a gender dimension into operations design, implementation and, monitoring and evaluation. The GAP presents an overall plan to support the development of Haitian women. However, it focuses in the needs of women as transport services users and devotes specific attention to two female sub-groups, comprised by Haitian women engaged in informal trade of local and regional products. These women are known as Madan Sara (MS), and local female mango producers and traders (MPT). The decision of focusing on MS is related to their vital role in the Haitian local labor market and the peculiarity of their work, which has specific transport needs. Understanding and addressing these female groups transport constrains could strategically improve the outcomes of upcoming transport investments and bring more benefits to its beneficiaries.