A Framework for Sustainable Food Security for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Sep 2012
This Technical Note presents a framework for food security in LAC that takes into consideration the key drivers and external factors behind food security. This framework for food security policy interventions will guide policymakers and analysts in answering the following questions: i) Which are the top priority interventions needed to provide a more focused approach to food security aimed specifically at dealing with the issues that are impeding LAC's capacity to reduce the impacts of the food crisis on its population and at helping to solve the food crisis, given the region's comparative advantages in agriculture; ii) What is the net impact of policy interventions across households in the region, taking into consideration environment and climate change, water management, trade liberalization, and domestic food prices; and iii) How does a specific policy intervention compare to other policy interventions with respect to net impact on food security, other positive impacts, and net intervention costs?