Focus on Capital: New Approaches to Developing Latin American Capital Markets

Goldstein Rossotto, Karen;
Peterson, Robert J.;
García, Valeriano F.;
West, Derek;
Lee, Ruben;
Agatiello, Osvaldo R.;
Hook, Andrew;
Gomez-Acebo, Felipe;
Corcoran, Andrea M.;
Chandler-Crichlow, Catherine;
Lubrano, Mike;
Kuserk, Gregory J.;
Wittich, Georg;
Korcsmaros, Kinga;
Aggarwal, Reena;
Wuertz, Karen K.;
Takacs, Hannes;
Karmel, Roberta S.;
Hobson, Ronald B.;
Tafara, Ethiopis;
Del Valle, Clemente
Jan 2003
Masci, Pietro;Dowers, Kenroy
This book analyzes the status of the markets in Latin America and identifies the technical, political, and financial challenges to building vibrant capital markets and increasing the efficiency benefits of regional economic and financial integration.