Fiscal Policy for Resilience and Decarbonization: Contributions to the Policy Dialogue

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Feb 2023
Huáscar, Eguino; Delgado, Raúl
This publication includes contributions for the design of fiscal policies that are oriented towards decarbonization and resilience to climate change. It addresses the main areas of responsibility of finance ministries by providing a review of the challenges faced by countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in each area of responsibility, a summary of advances in knowledge with an emphasis on identifying best practices, and a series of technical guidelines that can be useful for facilitating the integration of climate actions into fiscal policy and management. Given the topicality of these matters and the growing interest shown by ministries of finance to establish their own roadmaps for climate action, it is an opportune moment to present this work, which aims to contribute to the technical dialogue and generate inputs for the design of action plans and roadmaps so that fiscal policies can contribute to decarbonization and economic resilience.