Extractive Sector and Civil Society: When the Work of Communities, Governments and Industries Leads to Development

Oct 2018
Espinoza, Viviane; Irazábal Briceño, Irene
4% of Latin America and the Caribbean’s GDP comes from the extractive sector. This figure is equivalent to the amount generated by agriculture in the same region. An effective engagement between governments, companies, and civil society is required to propel sustainable development. With this regional diagnosis of countries rich in natural resources like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, the IDB seeks to shed light on best practices among stakeholders of the extractive sectors. It focuses in actions of information, dialogues, consultations, collaborations, and partnerships that are driving development in the region. From the findings of the diagnosis, 3 roadmaps were drafted, to guide the stakeholders in strengthening their engagement.