An Expanded Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of the Reventazón Hydroelectric Project (PHR), in Costa Rica

Sep 2013
As part of project preparation, a standard Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) was carried out for the Reventazón Hydroelectric Project (PHR). This paper builds on that CBA and will prepare an enhanced analysis that explicitly incorporates environmental and social aspects by applying the approach presented in the IDB Technical Note No. IDB-TN-428 (John A. Dixon, "Economic Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of Project Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures," IDB, 2012). This implementation guideline suggests comparing the traditional CBA of a project (referred to as CBA Result 1) with a more comprehensive CBA that explicitly includes the economic value of mitigation measures and remaining environmental impacts. This enhanced CBA analysis is referred to as CBA Result 3.