Evaluation of Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies (SWIT)

Arniella, Elio F.
May 2017
Mellinger, Yvon
The objective of this document is to present an assessment of the current situation in the application of Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies (SWIT) and to provide a summary of potential key recommendations for the integration of such technologies by water service providers in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies (SWIT) have the potential to contribute considerably to improved service delivery and efficiency. Those technologies include:Smart Metering (AMR/AMI), District Metered Areas (DMAs), Pressure Management, Active Leak Detection, Management Information Systems (MIS), Customer Relations Management Systems (CRM), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Hydraulic Modeling And are described in this document, which also presents: a case study of their application by the Barbados Water Authority; a survey of the level of implementation in representative water utilities of the Caribbean region, and recommendations derived from lessons learned.