Evaluation of the Opportunities for the Majority Initiative

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Jun 2012
The Opportunities for the Majority Initiative (OMJ) was originally set up for three years as a time-bound pilot initiative. The OMJ team has worked diligently to test the Base of the Pyramid model and develop the OMJ portfolio, and from that standpoint the initiative has been successful. Regarding OMJ's operational objectives, its achievements on targeting, innovation, learning, and replication have been mixed. OMJ has not found a unique market niche that cannot be served by another IDB Group private sector window with significant operational advantages over OMJ. In light of the findings, the IDB should strengthen OMJ's operations; improve the evaluability, monitoring and evaluation of projects; and adapt risk management, pricing, and legal procedures to facilitate interactions with lower-income clients. The IDB should consider options for consolidating OMJ activities and those of other IDB Group private sector windows.