The Evaluation of the New Lending Framework (2005-2008)

Sep 2008
This document (RE-342-1) presents an independent evaluation of the implementation of the New Lending Framework (NLF) covering the period 2005-2008. This evaluation is structured around the following 10 basic recommendations made to Management in the NLF document:

Recommendation 1: Maintain the three lending categories.

Recommendation 2: Establish flexible OC annual lending levels within a fixed total volume of lending per category over the 2005-2008 period.

Recommendation 3: Continue to finance policy-based loans out of FSO resources for FSO-eligible countries.

Recommendation 4: Make investment loans more flexible.

Recommendation 5: Continue to provide emergency loans.

Recommendation 6: Strengthen country programming to enhance country focus.

Recommendation 7: Adopt a programmatic approach.

Recommendation 8: Continue improving the development effectiveness of Bank programs and projects.

Recommendation 9: Strengthen IDB Non-Financial Products and Technical Assistance.

Recommendation 10: Strengthen analytical capacity.