Evaluation of the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) 2021

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Apr 2021
This evaluation is in response to a request from the Boards of Executive Directors of the IDB and IDB Invest for OVE to independently examine the MICI policy and its implementation pursuant to the requirement established in the respective policies of each institution. The aim of this evaluation is to inform the Boards of Executive Directors of the IDB and IDB Invest on the extent to which, under its current policy framework, the MICI has been effective and efficient in (i) resolving the complaints it receives concerning environmental and social impacts of projects due to alleged noncompliance with the IDB Group's environmental and social safeguards policies and standards; and (ii) promoting institutional learning with regard to environmental and social safeguards and standards and their implementation in IDB Group projects. In addition, the evaluation is aimed at reporting on the mechanism's accessibility to requesters and the extent to which the MICI has performed its duties independently, objectively, impartially, and transparently.