Evaluation of Country Portfolio Review Reports

Mar 2006
The purpose of this document (RE-314) is to present OVE's evaluation of the country portfolio review reports (CPRs). This report is divided into four chapters. Chapter two presents the frame of reference for the CPR evaluation. This is where the CPR's role in the Bank's evaluation system is defined, as well as its objectives and content, in accordance with established standards, the Programming Committee's decisions, and opinions expressed in interviews and the survey conducted. Chapter three evaluates the quality of the content of all 2004 CPR documents in terms of fulfilling the objectives of portfolio supervision and management. Chapter four is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of CPRs: 1) As an instrument of country dialogue; 2) For improving the operational execution of loans; 3) for improving the portfolio's development effectiveness, in accordance with the country strategy. Finally, chapter five presents the principal conclusions of this evaluation and offers a number of recommendations.