Evaluation Capacity Building: Elements of an Approach to the Region

Sep 2001
This report (RE-252) describes the role of evaluation as an integral part of improving public sector management by providing regular feedback on the results of public action. It lays out some of the present challenges for the Bank in this area, as well as some considerations for the future directions in evaluation capacity building, based on a conceptual framework for introducing evaluation and accountability into public administration. The report recommends that the Bank undertake a more integrated approach to evaluation capacity building (ECB) by: 1) Working more actively with borrowers to undertake evaluation work related to the Bank's own projects; 2) Including ECB explicitly as one of the key elements in its modernization of the state strategy, and 3) Incorporating the concept of evaluation as a tool for improving public sector performance in the Bank's lending and non-lending instruments that aim at strengthening public sector institutions.