Evaluation of the Bank's Processes for Managing Technical Cooperation

May 2010
This evaluation (RE-364) focuses on the functionality of processes utilized by the Bank to manage all of its non-reimbursable technical cooperation activities, funded by sources other than the administrative budget of the Bank - activities that are hereafter referred to as TC. This focus on the means, or processes utilized, rather than on the results is somewhat atypical of evaluations conducted by OVE. Yet, OVE's prior findings assessing specific groups TC point to a strong correlation between TC results and the capabilities of the process utilized to manage them. OVE formulates fiver recommendations. Recommendations 1 & 2 are aimed at strengthening TC quality and refocusing incentives. Recommendations 3, 4 & 5 seek to facilitate these improvements by redefining 31 organizational accountability for TC; as well as the management of TC financial and non-financial resource