Evaluation of the Bank's Direct Private Sector Lending Program: 1995-2003

Dec 2004
This report (RE-303) comprises the evaluation of the Bank's Direct Private Sector Lending Program performed by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight to determine the developmental effectiveness and additionality of private sector activities relative to other Bank activities. The evaluation team's work throughout 2004 included a thorough review of 55 projects and in field visits to five countries. The team surveyed sponsors, finance partners, and regulators in all the countries in which the Bank was directly backing private sector projects and interviewed Private Sector Department (PRI) and other Bank staff. The report is divided into four chapters with supporting annexes numbered to match each chapter: 1) Strategy mandate and evaluation questions; 2) Brief overview of the context and market trend analysis; 3) Summary of consolidated project evaluation findings, and 4) Findings and recommendations.