Evaluation of the Bank's Basic Education Strategy

Oct 2003
This report (RE-281) presents OVE's evaluation of the Bank's Basic Education Strategy. The document is organized as follows: Chapter I is an introduction, Chapter II presents an overview of the evolution of LAC's basic education outcomes during the '90s and outlines some of the main obstacles to progress. Chapter III evaluates the strategy documents (explicit strategy) as a response to the sector problematique. Chapter IV evaluates the explicit strategy in terms of the degree to which it was implemented de facto, the extent to which the loan documents provide information to evaluate the explicit strategy results, and the empirical evidence of the impact of some of the Bank's strategic lines of action at the school level, without dealing with attribution issues. Chapter V discusses the views of sector specialists on the design, dissemination, and usefulness of the strategy documents. Chapter VI summarizes the main finding of this report. Finally, Chapter VII offers recommendations for the development of future education strategies.