Ethical Assessment of AI for Actors within the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Application Guide

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May 2021
fAIr LAC, the IDB Group initiative that promotes the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence, through IDB Lab has developed a practical AI ethical self-assessment tool for entrepreneurs, which allows an analysis of the technological solutions based on AI and data management. This diagnosis helps entrepreneurs to improve their product development, while identifying the main areas of attention to prevent errors, biases, discrimination and exclusions resulting from technological deployment. The ethical self-assessment of AI for entrepreneurs that you have in your hands is the first product of fAIr LAC for entrepreneurs, which is a Guideline with a multidisciplinary approach that includes six main dimensions: 1. Conceptualization and design, 2. Governance and security, 3. Human involvement in AI systems, 4. AI life cycle (data and algorithms), 5. Relevant actors and 6. Communications. The purpose is for entrepreneurs to have a quick reference of which are the most important aspects to consider in each of these dimensions, in order to have a complete vision of the ethical implications of their products and thus establish the pertinent improvement and mitigation measures.

The main innovation of this document lies in two main aspects: the first, by not only placing the onus of self-regulation solely on entrepreneurs, but also involving two key actors for the ecosystem: project funders and accelerators. The second aspect is that the guiding questions correspond to three levels of business development from early stages from the ideation to more mature ventures or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop innovative products. Likewise, although the document is primarily intended to guide the development and implementation of AI-based solutions, it is also useful for solutions based on data management.

We invite those interested to download the publication and to be part of the entrepreneurial journey to develop technological solutions with social impact that contribute to sustained regional development that leaves no one behind.