The Essential Role of Ethics in the Developmen of Latin America: Convictions That Sabotage Progress: The Difficulty of Telling the Truth

Ruíz Gómez, Darío;
Aguinis, Marcos;
Lerner, Salomón
Apr 2004
Salomón Lerner (1944-), Peruvian philosopher, Rector of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (1994-2004), Angel Escobar Jurado National Human Rights Award (2003). Marcos Aguinis (1935-), Argentine physician, former Minister of Culture in Argentina, Planeta Prize (Spain), Grand Prize of Honor by the Argentine Society of Writers. Darío Ruiz Gómez (1935-), Colombian art and literary critic, former Professor of Architecture in Medellín, published four books of poetry and five books of short stories.