Environmental Economics for Evidence Based Policy: Vol. 1, No. 3: IEEM: Promoting Synergies Between Producers and Users of Natural Capital Accounting

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Aug 2017
In this third edition of the “Environmental Economics for Evidence Based Policies” series, we briefly review the advances with respect to the IEEM mission, and its lines of strategic action, which are: (i) the development of new platforms and applications of IEEM for those countries with Environmental and/or Ecosystem Service Accounts; (ii) integration of regulation and cultural and aesthetic ecosystem services within the IEEM framework; and (iii) collaborations with government institutions in the region, intended to create capacities to implement and apply the IEEM Platform. With respect to this third point, in this third edition of the series, we are pleased to have the contributions and perspectives of Henry Vargas, Director of the Department of Macroeconomic Statistics and Evelyn Muñoz Salas, Director of the Department of Economic Research, both based at the Central Bank of Costa Rica.