Environmental and Social, Health and Safety Management System ESHSMS: Small Hotels and Resorts

Nov 2011
When investing in small and mid-size hotel projects, the IDB, as a general rule, requires that the Sponsor develop and implement an environmental and social management system (ESHSMS). The ESHSMS is typically developed after completion of the Environmental Assessment Process which, depending on the project, would include development of either an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or an Environmental and Social Analysis (ESA). An ESHSMS is a framework developed to identify and manage environmental and social aspects of each principal phase of project development (i.e., siting and design, construction, and operation). Development of an ESHSMS ensures environmental and social issues associated with each phase of the project are identified, evaluated, and managed in a systematic way, and that management of those issues is integrated into every aspect of the project.