Energy Savings Insurance: Advances and Opportunities for Funding Small- and Medium-Sized Energy Efficiency and Distributed Generation Projects in Chile

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Dec 2020
The Energy Savings Insurance Program seeks to promote investment in energy efficiency and distributed generation in Latin America, primarily through small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It focuses on developing an innovative scheme of guaranteed energy performance that mitigates project risk and generates investor confidence (ESI Model). The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) facilitates the development of the ESI Program in alliance with the National Development Banks (NDBs). The ESI Model includes a contract for the supply, installation, and maintenance of equipment for generating a stipulated amount of energy or energy savings over a specific time period; validation by an independent body; insurance coverage that backs the savings or the guaranteed energy generation; and project financing. This paper describes the main attributes of the ESI Model (the contract, the insurance, validation and financing), evaluates market potential and the most attractive technologies, and identifies the priority sectors for implementing projects in Chile. The most promising economic sectors were found to be the hospitality industry, food processing industry, grape growing/wine production, and the fishing industry, and the technologies of electric motors, boilers, air conditioning systems and photovoltaic solar generation. In each of these sectors, estimates were made of financing requirements as well as CO2 emission reductions that could be achieved.