The Energy Access Dividend in Honduras and Haiti

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Pakhtigian, Emily L.;
Burton, Eric;
Jeuland, Marc;
Pattanayak, Subhrendu K.;
Phillips, Jonathan;
Singer, Christine Eibs;
Taylor, Hadley;
Cuervo, Javier;
Jacome, Carlos
Dec 2019
Marzolf, Natacha C.
Global patterns in electricity access show uneven progress towards universal electrification (SDG 7). Nearly 90 percent of households lacking basic electricity access are rural. Although reaching rural households through grid connections continues to present challenges to expanding access, alternative electricity solutions including solar home systems and microgrids are allowing for more rapid expansion of access in rural and peri-urban areas. This report attempts to quantify and monetize benefits generated through accelerated electricity access and builds on an existing framework for measuring the dividends of electrification (the Energy Access Dividend) for Haiti and Honduras, two countries that represent different electricity access situations in Latin America.