An Enduring Partnership for Development: Central America and the IDB since 1990

Jan 2005
Large, William R.
This book describes the leading role the IDB played in Central America's development in the 1990s, which was a time of redefining the role of the State, building new relationships with the private sector and civil society, and launching social programs to address the alarming levels of poverty in the region. This publication covers the following topics which were key to the region¿s renewed development: reforms in basic infrastructure, development of financial markets, innovations in the social sectors; significant advances in environmental management, strengthening democracy, regional integration, microenterprise development, natural disasters risk management and donor coordination through leadership of consultative group meetings. The book is the product of extensive interviews and contacts undertaken with literally hundreds of individuals, both in IDB headquarters and field offices, as well as executing agencies, government offices and specialized institutions involved with the projects and programs in the Central American countries mentioned throughout this volume. Its publication would not have been possible without their active collaboration.