The Effects of Mass Migration on The Academic Performance of Native Students: Evidence from Chile

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Jul 2020
Using longitudinal data and a Difference-in-Difference approach, this paper examines how the mass inflow of Venezuelan and Haitian migrants to Chile has influenced the learning outcomes of native students. The evidence shows negative effects on standardized test scores, especially in male students (-0.058SD). Said effects are considerably greater in Reading (-0.084SD) when examining the migration of non-Spanish speakers (mainly Haitians). When the shock is due to Venezuelan students, negative effects in Mathematics are observed equally strongly in male and female students (-0.053SD). Two factors that may account for these effects are identified. First, a lack of human and financial resources to address these new educational demands. Second, a native flight from public to private schools, especially involving higher SES students, when
the shock is due to non-Spanish speakers (mainly Haitians).