Education in the Information Age: What Works and What Doesn't

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Litto, Frederick;
Haddad, Wadi D.;
Romiszowski, Alexander J.;
Stevens, Anne;
Cutter, W. Bowman;
Pelgrum, W.J.;
Peled, Zimra;
Harasim, Linda M.;
Puryear, Jeffrey M.;
Papert, Seymour;
Peled, Elad;
Falcão, Joaquin;
Hepp, Pedro;
Daniel, John;
Knight, Peter T.;
Jobs, Steve
Jan 1998
Castro, Claudio de Moura
The promise of technology and the need for caution in its application were the topics of the Seminar on Education in the Information Age held in Cartagena, Colombia on July 1997, sponsored by the IDB and the Global Information Infrastructure Commission. This book brings together the experience of the various experts who participated in the event.