Diversity & Inclusion End of Year Progress Report 2020

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Jun 2021
As a development institution, the IDB Group is committed to improving the lives of all people in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing the most innovative and pragmatic solutions to our Regions most pressing development challenges. We also understand that our human capital is our greatest asset and therein lies the key to our success. We believe that our diversity and not just visible diversity but diversity in experiences, perspectives and working styles is not only a large part of who we are but is deeply intertwined with how we leverage the multitude of differences in our workforce. We therefore understand that to deliver on our commitment to our clients, our differences must not just be tolerated or accepted but valued and embraced.
We aim to be the workplace where all employees are given an opportunity to succeed regardless of how they identify and we strive to create a workplace culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, is unafraid to tackle those tough conversations about the obstacles which may impede progress in our agenda such as racism, disrespect, or discrimination in any form, and is prepared to address these issues.