Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report 2021

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Jul 2022
In the IDB Group, diversity is in the cornerstone of everything we do in Latin America and the Caribbean. We strongly believe that an active investment in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) entails many institutional benefits including more innovative solutions for our clients, and a stronger position in capital markets, and an overall perception as a preferred place to work.

Recognizing our diversity and our commitment to making our organization more inclusive and equitable is what makes our institution the premier development finance institution for Latin America and the Caribbean, and the reason why we have included DEI in our Institutional Strategy and the Vision 2025.

In 2021, we achieved significant milestones including becoming the first multilateral development bank in the Americas, and the second worldwide, to achieve the EDGE Move certification, the second level in a three level globally recognized gender certification, and the integration of equity as a core principle of our strategy thus ensuring a focus on the individual needs of our employees and provide fair opportunities and an equal outcome for all.

Our institution still has much work to do in DEI, and we intend to be the standard-bearer in the Region and a source of inspiration and guidance for our clients. What is being highlighted in this DEI 2021 Report are the crucial steps taken to lay a path to better results within the IDB Group. For example, we continue to complete a gender pay gap analysis annually. In 2021, the analysis results for the IDB estimated an unexplained wage differential for base salaries of 0.8% in favor of men. While for IDB Invest, the analysis results estimated the unexplained wage differential for base salaries of 2.8% in favor of men. Putting this into context, our differential is less than /- 5% which is considered statistically insignificant by the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) standards.

This report describes our efforts to advance this DEI agenda during 2021. We highlight our best practices to develop an organizational culture that encourages diverse experiences, measure our progress in numbers, and share the initiatives, actions, and targets we have set up for the upcoming years.