Digitalization in the Extractive Sector: A Comparative Analysis of the Andean Region

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Rentería Palomares, Zaira;
Gutiérrez García, Jorge;
Perdomo Rodríguez, Daniel
Dec 2022
Global efforts to achieve the climate goals specified in the Paris Agreement pose major challenges for the global production system, because demand for clean fuels, metals, and minerals will increase considerably in the coming decades. This trend is the main driver for extractive companies transformations of their production systems to maintain their profitability and operability in the face of an increasingly stringent context in economic, environmental, and social terms. Hence, the adoption of digital technologies appears as a unique opportunity that would enable the industry to meet the challenges posed by the energy transition that is looming. In this challenging context, companies in the extractive sector have started to rethink not only their internal operations, but also the ways in which they interact with communities, the environment, and public opinion.