Digital Transformation and Public Employment: The Future of Government Work

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May 2021
Porrúa, Miguel; Lafuente, Mariano; Roseth, Benjamin; Mosqueira, Edgardo; Reyes, Angela
Achievement of the aspirations associated with digital transformation held by governments worldwide--better services, greater transparency, more administrative efficiency--depend on the public officials who design, manage, or use the digital systems. However, most digital transformation agendas of governments in Latin America and the Caribbean are predominantly technological, sometimes with a regulatory and/or institutional component, containing only isolated references to human capital. This book aims to close that gap by analyzing both the talent required to drive digital transformation (e.g., for the development and implementation of updated technological systems) as well as governments' ability to adapt to it (i.e., the effective adoption of new tools and the resulting reorganization of work). It also makes practical recommendations to prepare public servants for the disruptions brought about by the fourth industrial revolution.
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