Digital Platforms in Mexico: What are the Insurance Preferences and Profiles of DiDi Drivers and DiDi Food Couriers?

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May 2022
IDB Group's Laboratory of Digital Social Security and DiDi Mexico partnered to profile DiDi drivers and DiDI Food couriers. This alliance began in 2021 with a survey of 583 driver users and 1,231 couriers aimed at better understanding their sociodemographic characteristics, financial health and education, as well as their level of social security coverage. Survey results show that drivers and delivery persons have different sociodemographic characteristics and different needs, but both groups value the flexibility that the platforms offer for income generation. In both groups there is low social security coverage, as well as a latent demand for access to general protection mechanisms. This information advances the discussion on how to guarantee greater access to insurance and social security schemes for users of digital platforms in Mexico, without sacrificing the flexibility that they value.