Digital Infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago: Analysis, Challenges, and Action Plan

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Feb 2022
This document presents an analysis of the state of digital connectivity in Trinidad and Tobago and an action plan to close the existing gap between the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. There is also a large gap within the country between urban, densely populated regions and rural, remote, or difficult-to-access regions. Among the impediments to closing the gap are: lack of investment in infrastructure in the most remote areas; limited bandwidth of citizens, institutions and companies that are far from this infrastructure; and lack of competition among internet companies. The government is making efforts in the areas of a universal service fund, spectrum management, and the formulation of the national ICT plan to improve access conditions in the country. Finally, the document estimates the investment gap in the region and in Trinidad and Tobago specifically.