Development of National Broadband Plans in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Garnett, Paul;
Johnson, David;
Urrea Ayala, Hector;
Sep 2021
All governments in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region should have a national broadband plan (NBP) as a key pillar for any digital agenda. Most countries have adopted them; however, most plans are outdated and, in general, lack clear, ambitious, and achievable policy-related commitments and quantifiable targets. Many also lack effective monitoring and evaluation programs. This publication details the benefits of and proposes a framework for NBPs in the region. As the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development has pointed out, a well-formed national broadband plan is a countrys blueprint for addressing and reducing digital inequality. In addition, in its latest Affordability Report, the Alliance for Affordable Internet details the linkage between high-quality national broadband plans and progress toward affordability.