Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO) 2010

Mar 2011
Olave, Jorge;Strickland, Sarah
The 2010 Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO) highlights progress in the implementation of the Development Effectiveness Framework, mandated by the Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank as part of the 9th General Capital Increase. The report shows the results of the IBD's efforts to devise and apply monitoring and evaluation instruments that ensure that its work is duly executed and the outputs and outcomes of its actions are materializing on the ground, as well as on how these actions contribute to achieving key development results in the Region. The report specifically presents the results of the new strategic focus; the effectiveness of IDB products; social policy for equity and productivity; infrastructure and institutions for competitiveness and social welfare; competitive regional and global international integration; environmental protection, Bank responses to climate change, promotion of renewable energy and ensuring food security, as well as the IDB's work in Haiti.