Decarbonising Transport in Latin American Cities: Assessing Scenarios to 2050

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Papaioannou, Dimitrios;
Feb 2022
Montes, Laureen; Monter Flores, Ernesto
This report is the second output of the Decarbonising Transport in Latin American Cities project (DTLA), developed jointly by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD. DTLA supports transport decarbonisation in Bogota (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Mexico City (Mexico). These cities were selected based on their data availability about urban transport activity. As a result of this initiative, the first report describes a review of policies and key mobility challenges to deliver on a sustainable transport system. This second report presents the development and provision of a quantitative assessment tool that allows assessing the impact of transport CO2 reduction actions and respective scenarios to 2050. Both reports facilitate policy dialogue across all relevant stakeholders and supports peer learning and best practice exchange between the case study cities and beyond. Moreover, the reports bring out the need for rethinking decarbonization policies to consider their potential for achieving other benefits related with improving the quality of the transport services, closing gender equality gaps, and improving financial sustainability of current business models.