Creative and Cultural Industries in Urban Revitalization: A Practice Based Handbook

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BOP Consulting;
Korean Research Institute on Human Settlement
Jul 2020
The cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are one of the fastest growing sectors globally. Many local governments across the world have also recognised how the CCIs can directly and indirectly contribute to place-based revitalisation efforts, helping to regenerate declining and depressed urban infrastructure, working with – rather than against – the grain of existing local heritage. However, the role of the CCIs and heritage in creating dynamic places, driving local economic development and innovation, and improving social cohesion remains under appreciated in many Latin American cities to-date.

Based on a set of in-depth international case studies, expert interviews, and a broad literature review of empirical evidence from projects around the word, this Handbook analyses what makes for success in CCI-led urban revitalisation. It details how CCI-led revitalisation projects can address specific socio-economic needs related to declining historic city centre areas and analyses how projects have achieved their success (as well as outlining what continuing challenges they face). The Handbook distils the lessons from this extensive body of practice and policy development, to provide guiding principles and advice for policymakers interested in how to integrate cultural and creative development within wider urban sustainability efforts.