Country Program Evaluation: Uruguay (1991-2004)

Nov 2005
This country program evaluation (RE-312) covers the period from 1991 to 2004. It is composed of five chapters that evaluate the outcomes of the Bank's program in Uruguay for the period 1991-2004 from different standpoints. The first chapter presents developments in the country in the period evaluated and goes on to examine the main challenges for its long-term economic and social development. The second chapter studies how the strategies prepared by the Bank during the period responded to those changing needs. Chapter three explains how the strategies were converted into operations approved by the Bank and summarizes how they performed in execution. Chapter four evaluates whether the portfolio achieved the expected development results, corroborating the information provided by the Bank through empirical evidence and data. Last, the fifth chapter reflects on the extent to which the Bank's support has had an impact or built up capacity in terms of the country's long-term development challenges, and offers recommendations.