Country Program Evaluation: Suriname (1980-2004)

Oct 2006
This report (RE-318) details the evaluation undertaken by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) of the Bank's Country Program in Suriname during the period 1980-2004. The purpose of the Country Program Evaluation (CPE) is to describe the outcomes of the Bank's performance in country, and to distill lessons to enhance the efficacy of future Bank actions. To establish the context in which the Country Program was conceived and delivered, Chapter I summarizes the most salient features of Suriname's economy, and prominent developmental challenges faced by the country during the period of review. Against this backdrop, Chapter II analyzes the priorities and objectives identified by the Bank in its strategic dialogue with Suriname, drawing conclusions about the relevance and coherence of the Bank's Program. Chapter III reviews the efficiency of program execution; while the qualitative dimensions of the Bank's program and overall development effectiveness are reviewed in Chapter IV. In conclusion, Chapter V presents recommendations to enhance the Bank's performance in the future.