Country Program Evaluation: Peru (2002-2006)

Jun 2007
The analysis contained this document (RE-330) focuses on the 2002-2006 period, evaluating the most recent Country Strategy (document GN-2205-1) and supplemental documents. Its universe of projects encompasses those approved during the period under study, as well as previously approved projects that have been executed to a large extent during this period and/or are relevant within the strategy framework established by the Bank with Peru. The results of this evaluation point that the Bank's program in Peru was relevant, executing agencies were satisfied with the Bank's work, and the portfolio performed better than the Bank average, although disbursements for the newest projects have slowed down. In terms of effectiveness, once again, the results were not as positive as planned, despite a strongly performing economy. This document focuses on divergences from the objectives because of the inherent requirements of an exercise that seeks to enhance the quality of the Bank's work in the country.