Country Program Evaluation: Paraguay (1991-2002)

Jun 2004
This report (RE-259) presents the evaluation conducted by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) of the Bank's country program in Paraguay during the period 1991-2002. Its objective is to present the results achieved by the IDB in the country and to derive lessons which may help enable the Bank to enhance the effectiveness of its actions in the future. The Bank is Paraguay's principal external creditor. The relatively limited presence of other international organizations, together with the Bank's continuous support for the country, have given it great capacity for dialogue with Paraguay. The report includes frame of reference for the report; the conclusions of the evaluation as regards the Bank's programming process in Paraguay; the Bank's actions in Paraguay and endeavors to evaluate how these activities related to the objectives defined by Bank programming; a description on the major outcomes of the country program financed and implemented by the Bank in Paraguay. Lastly, a set of conclusions and recommendations for future Bank activity in Paraguay are discussed.