Country Program Evaluation: Guatemala (2004-2007)

Apr 2009
This Country Program Evaluation (RE-352) is intended to examine the relations that the Bank established with Guatemala during the period 2004-2007 in terms of results, in order to extract lessons for establishing a future strategic partnership that will be as productive constructive as possible for the country's development. For the Bank, as a development institution, a successful strategic partnership is one that produces -through its programs and projects- a flow of future benefits of a value that clearly exceeds the financial and non-financial costs that its lending activities involve for the country. With the 2004-2007 country strategy that laid out the strategic partnership during the period as a framework, this evaluation discusses its relevance for attaining the proposed results, examines operational efficiency in executing the loans and the main technical-cooperation projects carried out during the period, and concludes by evaluating whether or not they achieved the expected results.