Country Program Evaluation: Ecuador (2000-2006)

Jul 2008
This report (RE-341) presents the Office of Evaluation and Oversight's country program evaluation (CPE) assessing the Bank's Ecuador program in 2000-2006. The present CPE takes in the Bank programming exercises charted in the country strategies for 2000-2002 (GN-2169-1) and 2004-2006 (GN-2338-1), and references the previous CPE's analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. The document is organized as follows: Chapter 1 describes the Country's backdrop; Chapter 2 evaluates programming exercises over the 2000-2006 span, and Chapter 3 the efficiency of delivery of Bank products. Development outcomes achieved in the country strategy focus and programmatic areas are discussed in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 sets out the conclusions and recommendations of this report.